New old camera: Canon AE-1

A few weeks ago I entered the Rebecca Lily photo contest. And while I love judging contest, like the last three Mobile Photography Awards, I never enter contests myself. But ..  I really wanted to join this contest because I like using the Rebecca Lily presets and support them ánd I loved the prizes.

First prize was the superb Fujifilm X100s digital camera, second price was the analog Canon AE-1 camera and the third prize was a great camera strap from ONA.

I have always missed the Fuji X100 since I sod it to get the Fuji X-Pro1 in 2012, but it is too expensive for me to just buy it as an extra camera. So it always has been on top of my list to get whenever I get the chance. I also had been looking for a used film cameras just a few weeks before the contest after my buddy Paul Pride had showed me shooting film had so many great things in it. So I joined, with hope but no expectations what so ever..

But.. I made it into the finals.. and after a week of voting (for which I am still very gratefull) I ended at the second place with a difference of only 14 (!) votes. Yes, it was really close, but I was very happy with my second place and winning the Canon AE-1 with some rolls of film. It’s a great addition to my camerabag.

3x Fuji 400H

1x Portra 160

1x Portra 400

1x Portra 400 NC

1x Tri-X 400

Last week the camera arrived and the next few weeks I will start this new journey in photography, and I can’t wait to see what it will bring me..

All photos taken with Fujifilm X-E2 and processed with the Rebecca Lily Pro set II for Lightroom.