Beauty, Beech & Beach at Mons Klint

The big final: Møns Klint (the Cliffs of Møn).

Before you reach the cliffs you have to go through the beautiful forest of Klinteskoven, a woodland that reaches right until the end of the cliffs. You can go by car on a beautiful gravel road or park the car and go by foot. I can really recommend this! The various paths will lead you through this beautiful forest. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful crooked beech trees which grow on the slopes surrounding you. You can find some of the oldest beech trees in Denmark at Timmesøbjerg, part of Klinteskoven. Some are over 400 years old.

Such a special and beautiful place..

At the end of this hike you’ll reach the long wooden stairs which will take you to the beach with a unique view on the white cliffs. During this walk you’ll enjoy a magnificent view over the cliffs and the turquoise ocean below. On the beach the white cliffs are a lovely contrast to the ocean and the blue skies above. The chalk cliffs make this quite narrow beach a unique place where your eyes and ears are treated to one of the finest places in Denmark. Enjoy this beautiful place, get some rest .. for the trip back up the largest stairs in Denmark.


The view on the Baltic sea


The forest of Klinteskoven


The cliffs of Mons Klint