London on Film

You might have seen my first post about the #lndnwlk and the two post with photos of the weekend I spend in London in September. #lndnwlk was a great weekend because I met so many great people. People I already knew online, but meeting them offline made them more than a still avatar, a real-life friend and this will make their future messages online so much more personal.

But #lndnwlk was more.. This weekend filled with nothing but photography made me realise two things. I need to take more time to take photos (slow photography) and I need to focus on just a few social media platforms and stop using the others. Quality over quantity.

I had been thinking about these things for a long time, but things never fell into place like they did after this weekend. Taking the Canon AE-1 with me for the weekend was the best I could have done. Using the film camera made me take ‘slower’ photos. A change I was hunting for years, and something Paul Pride told me time after time via twitter and iMessage. My response was always that you can use digital cameras as if it were film cameras. But he was right. The feeling just isn’t the same as actually using a film camera. So while I thought I just won a second prize last November in the contest, I really hit the jackpot as London and the camera I got from Rebecca Patience made me see my new direction in photography.

A film camera makes you think twice about the shot. For me, it gives photography more value and that is exactly what I needed.

After I got home from London I talked to my wife about film and the Hasselblad camera specifically and her response was that I should get one .. and she was so right. So I sold my Fujifilm XT-1 and three lenses and I bought a Hasselblad 500CM. Would I have done this if I wouldn’t have gone to London? Probably, but it would have taken a lot longer. I’m glad I did it now. I’m really loving these first steps into film photography and can’t wait for the things to come.