Life at Loch Linnhe

Like I said in my last post, Scotland is voted as the most beautiful country in the world with reason. And not only because of the well-known touristic places like the Glencoe area or the Glenfinnan viaduct. The country has such a nice vibe and the beauty of Scotland can be found everywhere. The people are friendly and helpful and are all very proud of their country and it’s heritage.

We stayed in a village called Port Appin, a small community off the main road from Glencoe to Oban. And while you can’t find that much in Port Appin (it has a small shop, a hotel and a restaurant, amongst other things), you can find beauty and history around every corner. I just wanted to share a post with a few photos taken in the direct surroundings of Loch Linnhe, to show beauty really is everywhere in Scotland.



This lighthouse was just a five-minute walk from our Airbnb cabin in Port Appin. So I had a few opportunities to park the car when the light was good or in the case of the last photo the rain made sure the scene became special. The lighthouse itself isn’t that spectacular, but the light, clouds and beautiful mountains in the background are, and the lighthouse is the bonus to complete the magnificent view.



Our loft was located at a private beach of (sea) Loch Linnhe. What a paradise to have both sea and mountains in one area! The beautiful and cozy loft is part of a 300-year-old farm building which is still in use, so once in a while, the sheep came and visit us on the beach.

In the evening me and my sons explored the coastline of the private beach which is rough but inviting, just like the rest of Scotland.



Our loft was just a five-minute drive away from this beautiful castle. Castle Stalker is picturesquely set on a tidal island on Loch Laichan, an inlet of Loch Linnhe. After just a few days this castle became a landmark for us. Whenever we saw it, we knew we were almost back home in our lovely loft.



When you follow the dead-end road Tyneribbie from the A828 to Port Appin you arrive at a pittoresque parking place with the Pierhouse Hotel (& restaurant) and a small harbor with the ferry to the Isle of Lismore.

Although the ferry looks very inviting, we didn’t have time to go to the Isle of Lismore this time. We will take the time to visit Lismore or one of the other west coast islands next time we will visit Scotland. Because .. there will be a next time.