Gracious but Dead

Most of my landscape photos are taken on the beautiful natural reserve in the south of the Netherlands called “De Kampina". It’s only a few minutes from my house and it’s always nice to visit this reserve, especially because I know I’ll see new things, things changed.

Like I wrote in this post, I have something with dead trees. I love how they always stay the same, standing strong but dead. While everything around these trees keep changing every single day, these trees always stay the same. Like statues of nature.

Although it doesn’t change during seasons, it doesn’t lose it’s leaves or come to life every spring,
I find it very interesting to capture.

I have taken lots of photos from the tree in the post "Dear Dead Tree".. in every possible condition. And the tree is still standing strong like it's just at the beginning and has a beautiful and long life ahead.

I’m happy to have found these trees and while they seem strong, I know one day the wind will take them down, because nothing lasts, everything changes .. even these beautiful statues of nature.

I’m always on the lookout to find new trees, new subjects for a series about them. Captured in every condition.

Not far from this tree, there is another dead tree. Just 200 meters apart. It’s gracious and majestic like a queen of the fields around it. Gracious but dead.