Glencoe, heart of the Scottish Highlands

Recently, Scotland was voted most beautiful country in the world. And while I have only seen a small portion of it, I can see why so many people have voted for this stunning place. Scotland didn’t disappoint me. What a beautiful country. We spent most days in the Glencoe area, a glen (= valley) of Volcanic origins and by many considered as one of the most spectacular areas in Scotland with the famous Three Sisters of Bidean nam Bian, Glen Etive Road (see my Glen Etive post here) and so many other beautiful places.

The glen stretches from the impressive Buachaille Etive to thewest, where the glen ends in beautiful Loch Leven near Ballachulish. You can see most of the impressive mountains from the Highway A82 which is, apart from an old army road in the valley, the only road in the area.

The mountains are nothing like the pointy Alps or Dolomites. The Scottish Highlands are moreroundish and exactly this makes the mountains impressive. Especially when a tiny white house exposes the true height of the mountains. And the good thing about the Highlands is, that there always is a white house to compliment the brownish mountains.



This is the start of the impressive range of mountains in the Glen. And what a great start of a beautiful journey on the A82.

One of the great things about Scotland is the fact that weather and light are constantly changing, so timing of taking a photo is important. Take the time to digest a scene and wait for the best light is essential. That’s what happened taking these photos of Buachaille Etive Mor, which gave us a spectacular sight.



Buachaille Etive Mòr with the Lagangarbh Hut, this is pure Scotland to me. I have seen this scene many times before on Instagram and Flickr but seeing it for myself was something else.. We parked our car and took our time to pass the foot bridge over the Coupal River and follow the path up the Buachaille Etive Mor giving us spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.



These were taken in the Glencoe area on a Land Rover safari where we drove with one of the rangers of National Trust of Scotland (NTS). Ihe ranger takes you through the Glen -on the old military road- with a Landrover, going slightly off the beaten track. He really takes the time to explain the history, geology, wildlife and more.

I really recommend this! Not only because you should grab every opportunity to drive in a Land Rover, but also because you really get to know the area better knowing the interesting facts and myths of the glen.



The three sisters is one of these sights that make this area famous. And the good thing about it is that you can park your car right in front of the mountains. It will probably be a bit busy at the car park, but once you walk to one of the three sisters (yes you have to pick one) you don’t notice the other people because of the scale of the valey.