Dreamy Heather

De Kampina is such a beautiful place with so many faces and this time it’s purple. Purple from the beautiful heather. “De Kampina” is a natural reserve just a few kilometers from where I live. It’s a very special place with various sorts of landscapes like large woodlands, fens and heather fields in the late summer stretching as far as your eye can see. Some people say it reminds them of Africa, but not this time of year when it’s coloured deep  purple!

I go there once a month, preferably very early on a Sunday morning so I know I’ll be alone in that large and open landscape. Because of the varied landscape I always get various sorts of photos; I love going there and once a month really isn’t enough to be honest. It’s a great way to have a great walk and just be there in a sort of two hour long trance. I’ll only be enjoying nature and thinking about getting the shot. Every year in late summer the fields slowly change colour which is fascinating to see. It’s one of things I love about De Kampina: the landscapes change every season which makes it a joy to visit.

This day I wasn’t the first to arrive which surprised me a bit, but when I arrived at the open field I saw a few other photographers doing their thing. Afterwards I heard from Hans Koster he, Andrew George and some others were just fifty metres from where I was. Small world. ( say hi next time Hans )

I could have made a landscape photograph from the heather, but this year I decided to photograph it in another way: Dreamy Heather.