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Hi 👋 my name is Robert-Paul Jansen and I’m a fine art photographer from the Netherlands.

Photography has made me more aware of the beauty that surrounds us everyday. My ultimate goal is to make people see that beauty sometimes might be hiding .. but is waiting to be exposed and celebrated. 

I’m always striving to create something that feels timeless, clean and honest. Nature is one of my primary subjects, because it’s beautiful and needs our protection. 

My clients vary from magazines to companies and my work has been published internationally. Please contact if you would like to work together or if you are interested in a print of one of my photos.



Companies I have worked with

Apple, Canon, Bever, Peak Design, Ikea, Cameranu.nl, Efteling, WNF, Mastin Labs, Stichting Nationaal Monument Sint-Jan, Visit Brabant, Skillshare, Kloq, Stocksy, Welkom terug in Nederland and others.

Press & Highlights

Skillshare, Cameranu.nl, CNN, Men’s Health, Het Parool, Zoom, Rebecca Lily, Stylecaster, Eyeem, Picsart, Iphone Photography School and more.



Six words that describe my work: serenity, minimalistic, contrast, desolate yet bright.

Favorite place to shoot: desolate nature, exciting cities and everything in between.

What inspires me: heroes and angels, the historic city of ’s-Hertogenbosch and the nature surrounding this beautiful city, Vincent van Gogh, among others.

Favorite photographers: Forrest Mankins, Bijan Sabet, Gosse Bouma, Sonia Davies.

Wish: to shoot foxes and owls.

Favorite quote: "Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like" - David Alan Harvey.

Gear: I shoot with the Canon R6 with RF lenses and a DJI Mini 3 Pro drone. I am a proud brand ambassador for Peak Design and PolarPro.


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